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-party candidate according to some may keep mitt romney from defeating barack obama in virginia. next. [applause] john: our third presidential candidate is from the constitution party. have been at a copy of the constitution and the declaration of independence. is short telling politicians what they may not do. i like the slogan slower, less costly government virgil goode immediately balance the budget. every department should face significant cuts or eliminated entirely. >> department of education. [applause] national public broadcasting and no funding president of campaigns are any campaigns. i will not take taxpayer dollars. that is $180 million. let them pay for their own conventions. >> protect from unnecessary ford wars? >> we would not be involved unless following the constitution congress declared war. [applause] john: we should not be in afghanistan although they supported those of 9/11? >> it is up to congress. that is up to the congress. john: but then use troops to stop the invasion from mexico. reduce illegal immigration. english is the open shall language. >> but we have a huge inv
only at or be 6%. the president was blunt today at a campaign in virginia. he is keeping americans safe at home and abroad. >> we have to make sure that not only our military, but also our diplomats overseas are protected. >> pedagogue officials claimed u.s. marines were in another part of lidia. then admitted that was not true. state department officials said there were no libyan guards inside the perimeter of the u.s. consulate and had to walk that back. >> you hate to think the president would purposely mislead the american people, but it sure likes it -- it sure looks like it to me. >> any notion that they have misled the american people -- they maintained the only reason it has changed is because new facts have emerged because this is an ongoing investigation. nonetheless, it is clear republicans are using this change an account to continue to challenge the president's credibility. lou: ed, is there any indication that the white house intent and some timeframe i must certainly will not be soon, because we are approaching the second week since the murders of our ambassador and three
both yesterday. they are going to be in virginia today. but they were both in ohio yesterday, and obama is leading big there if you believe the latest polls. yesterday there was an argument that hey some of the democrats are being more sampled in some of these polls. what do you think about that? >> if a poll in ohio says that obama is ahead by 8 or 10 points, i think that undoubtedly means that romney is behind in ohio, whatever the percentage. connell: maybe just a few points -- >> right. if there's a silver lining there, it is my sense if these people who say they will vote for obama do not feel strongly about it. i think there's still a lot of anxiety about where we are, and they are open to an argument from mitt romney about why obama's stewardship of the economy has been wrong for the country, but it hasn't quite been made yet. dagen: what is the one thing that mitt romney needs to do in denver next week, in the debate? >> i think he has to associate obama's economic record, the slow and declining growth rate, and the fact that unemployment went up to 9%, 9 1/2 percent early in hi
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. >> absolutely. >> we look at ohio as we put up the numbers on those swing states, florida, virginia, ohio, and ohio, double digit leads. the governor's there, so is the president. i mean, look at those polls. it's stunning stuff. >> well, i think what romney needs to do in places like ohio is go dreactly to the people, and one way to do that is not through 30 or 60 second commercials, but buy state time in the next coming weeks for 15 minute infomecials and talk about the choices between obama or romney and speak in serious venues. get away from the rallies and talk to, you know, the cincinnati chamber of commerce. he should be -- lou: excuse me? wait a minute, brad, with all do respect, that would be an electric moment in electoral history if he were to move to the chamber of commerce. i respect the judgment mightily, but that one -- >> he needs to speak to serious people at serious venues to talk policy. you don't get that across at a rally or across to the people in a 30 second sound bite. lou: the polls, do they agree on the strengths and weaknesses? do they reveal that? you talk abou
. liz: breaking news. it involves a stock you may own in your portfolio. ibm, the ceo, virginia rometti has been named by ibm board of directors to chairman of the board. her appointment would be effective october 1st of 2012. the current chairman, sam palmisano who ran the company for many years very successfully. he will be a senior advisor to the company until he official officially retires on 2012. palmisano retiring january 1st of the year. rometty becoming chairman of the board. she has been at ibm since 1991. she joined after being a general motors institute engineering student. northwestern, first woman ever to run ibm. so, a real trailblazer there for virginia rometty. >>> typically, let's get to this story, investors look to price to earnings, p-e ratio or price to book value when picking things like stocks but we have one money manager who invested in small cap stocks based on a different strategy and his fund has really done well, gaining 19.4% annually over past three years, not just one year. the t. rowe price director of quantitative equity research joining me right now.
happen to be tenured professors, state supported institutions like the university of virginia. businesses, if they're smart businesses, charge whatever the traffic will bear. >> steve, you got five girls. all went to college. wouldn't you have liked to have seen those tuition rates go down a little based on their enendowment? spend some money to lower cost? >> then the way you get that done is, again, by what john wants to do and that is remove government subsidies because when subsidies go you up, administrative bloat goes up, sticking point of that, debt goes up. and bay bithe way, david f they don't get their act together, even without reform, you'll see the web do the same thing to higher education what it did to media, turn it upside down. you can get lot of great course now from fine universities on-line for free. >> last word from the guy who had to put five girls in college. coming up, the market running up to multi year highs this week. now get the stocks ready to keep running to their all-time highs. that's coming >> we are back with our former stocks. morgan alliance resource p
. it will eliminate 1,200 jobs companywhy including the closing of eight mines in virginia, west virginia and pennsylvania. more out rage and embarrassment for the royal family. topless photos of the princess -- the duchess of cambridge were published by a french magazine. should she expect some level of privacy? should she get it? would she get it in america? the judge is next on that. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios stuart: federal express is an economic indicator and according to the latest release the economy slowing. federal express says they fell 1.1% and grow slower moving ahead. check the share price. it is down 1.87. the other big corporate of the day apple sold two million i founds in 24 hours and it is all about stock. check the price. once again stock actually did hit another all-time high when over $700 at $6.99. just out at:00, more signs of the housing recovery. home builder sentiment rose for the fifth month in a row and that is at a
those middle class people are, there are three places this matters, ohio, virginia and florida. lou: president obama still maintains a lead. >> he leads in those places, and this is hilarious because senate race in virginia appears to be a lock, and obama is running away with the state, it is a bad campaign they need too take stronger issues. putting president on notice. on real issues. lou: i am hearing you say, what kelly ann would not, governor romney is doing the right thing. >> americans don't give the presidency up lightly to anyone, they don't take it away easily, if you want the job, you have to fight for it and be clear, romney is a mush. >> i think that romney is doing that, that is the point, he is doing what he needed to do, and he is capable. high did it in florida with 14 million negative ads, he did it in florida now to pou put awy obama. higohio -- he should put obama o task on that bump in the road. president obama said that the greatest disappointment for him as president has been two different things, in front of univision, the lack of immigration policy, to 60 mi
of virginia. also economist, author detailing what he calls the to obama's. wall street legend michael holland on today's triple digit reversal of fortunes on wall street. president obama was the headliner at the united nations. governor romney was a new york. speaking at the clinton global initiative. the republican nominee did not miss an opportunity to criticize the president's reaction to the anti-american sentiment that has swept the muslim world. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> reporter: after days of anti-american violence burning all across the muslim world, the iranian military pledged -- flex its muscles by unveiling a new drug they claim against the in the air for 24 hours and fly over 1100 miles, enough to reach israel and various u.s. military bases throughout the mideast. as the tensions grow new york city posted to presidential nominees of ring to vastly different visions. president obama address the general assembly and suggested he has little ability to shapeless happening on the ground. >> as we can solve every problem and the world the u
. we're losing alarming rate, businesses jobs taxpayers out of maryland into virginia because they have a more attractive business environment. that is happening around the country. melissa: that is happening all around the country. people are leaving california and going to neighboring nevada for same reason, they get better treatment, better tax treatment and their employees take home more pay because the tax burden is lighter. makes it easier to do business. at the same time maybe fub pubs are not doing enough. looking at 79,000 jobs. that average was quite the democratic states that is still not enough. >> it is absolutely not enough. states are sort of a great laboratory seeing what we can do to fix the economy and some of the states that have republican governors, that made the tough choices, more business-friendly and cutting tacks and spending are doing much better. creating not enough jobs, nobody is satisfied but better than the states where we're increasing spending and taxes and too many regulation that are unfriendly to is about. it is tough to get the private sector to gro
was marching to virginia, wrapping up his herd to charlotte to work. key swing states ending up in norfolk, virginia. keeping of the criticism of mitt romney. >> my opponent had the chance to offer his secret sauce. he did not offer a single new idea. it was just the same old policy that has been sticking it to the middle-class for years. >> reporter: michele obama will be the first big headliner of the convention tonight. she will speak to the nation about the president as a husband, father, an advocate of the middle-class. look. david: have fun. it sounds like they are. >> reporter: i'm going to. going to go down here with the delegation. liz: they have been having a great time. and we are covering every inch of that, just as we did the republican convention. election day just about two months away. your money could very much be at stake. one former head fund manager sees to issues that could affect the financial markets. david: a former white house economic advisor for the first president bush. author of the book rush, why we thrive in the rat race. good to see you. thank you for coming
, you know, why i think you will still win this election in virginia. one is we continue to get youngbear. a lot of young folks in the state. second, we continue to give more diverse. not just black and white. more looking like the rest of the country. and third, we have the highest concentration of military and military families in difference of any state in the country. four years ago we had an untested guy running against a certifiable war hero. now we have a president. criticizing on certain areas, but as a commander in chief, someone who honored its commitment in terms of getting in, bringing him down from afghanistan, took out of some of the lion, but his money where his mouth is on deference, this is the first time in more than a decade we have not come viejo guard deployed around the world. that's the category of folks that a lot of voters would give obama a chance. neil: thank you. good seeing you. respected in both parties. they do have them. few and far between. probably focusing on this missouri senate race. you might think he's in a heap of trouble. the latest polls
to solid leads in swing states, virginia and wisconsin. we'll have the rasmussen poll of like lay voters minutes from now. how is america doing against the competition, slipping, down to 18th place on the international charts behind the welfare state, finland and denmark in growth and income. oh, and "varney & company" is about to begin. >> good morning, "varney & company" viewers, today is wednesday, september 19th. here is big story. the mainstream media is focusing on president obama's response to mitt romney's comments about dependent americans, but on this show we focus on what we call the real story. here is the president's take on the national debt from last night's interview with david letterman. >> we don't have to worry about it short-term, right now interest rates are low because people still consider the united states the safest and greatest country on earth, rightfully so, but it is a problem long-term and even medium term. stuart: not a problem in the short-term. and let me remind you the national debt just crossed 16 trillion dollars. and the president went on to say that
the autumn industry industry, and the autoworkers, think ohio. middle-class families. virginia, colorado, iowa, and also a high hispanic population. this race will be very close and economic numbers come out tomorrow. it could have a real impact. the debates will be important to have the two side-by-side without a filter. but tonight i think the president has a slight advantage to seven if he wins in the face of the recovery that is bumpy at best it would defy conventional wisdom many people might degree don't go back to the party that got you into the mess. but it is that a mandate? i get the sense is just not a lot of optimism six out of 10 americans debuts, a 52% talk about things getting worse. that is a damning environment. >> whoever wins probably will not have much of a mandate. if you win by knocking out your opponent is not give you the aground sole support -- ground swell support. neil: of the senate goes republican? even in that environment do we move the ball for work? >> unfortunate the the most likely a outcome is divided government. we had major fiscal problems, and the ec
the margin of error in virginia. we will be taking all of that up tonight with wall street legend lew lehrman and we will have breaking details, new evidence and testimony contradicting just about everything that the obama administration has been telling the american people about the murder of ambassadors -- ambassador stevens in benghazi and a senior antiterrorism official directly contradicting the obama administration, calling the assault an act of terror. former cia officer and pulitzer prize-winning author judith miller will be joining us to assess these developments. my next guest says that president obama is buying voters by luring people onto entitlements, essentially creating a dependent mass of voters who are gathering in ever greater numbers at the public trough. joining us now is one of the countries most thoughtful and provocative thinkers, cofounder of the discovery institute, george gilder author of the new edition of "wealth and poverty." >> great to be here and. lou: the idea that you have written recently, the governor romney and congressman ryan bring a new philosophy to wa
states. leading mitt romney in florida, ohio, and virginia, instead of focusing on mitt romney, maybe president obama should be focusing on the brand. a press pool from florida said that 76% said that i ran well on terrorist with nuclear weapons to attack america. then again, the president is leading in those states. turbine makers adding 615,000 jobs. a green energy tax credit by the end of the year. in the windy city, students and teachers are back at school after a weeklong strike. rahm emanuel calling the agreement and nest compromise. might next guest says he's not so sure. unions would probably be running scared, do you agree? [inaudible] i didn't know that you had all that anger in you. all your parts have been affable, low-key, etc. >> he is a fighter. and i have never played a fighter before. it is definitely his first batch of cisco to response in almost any situation of a fight. it is a knee-jerk thing. neil: are you putting rahm emanuel? >> i am not playing rahm emanuel. he asked me the same question and i said no. it is not on the former mayor or on the mayor rahm emanuel
like virginia governor or new jersey governor crist christie or senator john mccain or house majority leader eric cantor. john boehner would rather avoid me than answer a single question. some are bipartisan but the great ones will take on any one. they have convictions versus those who good run away or not show what because they do not know the meaning of the word. not to think we don't have convictions. 11 years ago we did we showed it was in our consciousness -- consciousne ss reliving that day 11 years ago dick grasso and rudy guiliani reminded us within crisis can come great things even did midst of tragedy. both say we're not over and should not forget. with the anniversary, neither shall we. remembering what we should focus on now.
in the gulf of mexico, look at what is available in the mid-atlantic states in virginia and other states bottled up for decades, look at offshore alaska and shell oil companies and others drilling for six years, $4 billion, more than $4 billion already invested and have not yet been able to drill, the keystone pipeline, we know that issue very well. get folks back to work for economic development and most importantly to move toward energy independence and not spend billions and hundreds of billions of dollars overseas. neil: when we buy oil from them, that is what we are doing. libya is an injured player in opec, but the fact of the matter is opec collectively those who dominate opec, they are not big fans of ours and they like having us over a barrel. this statement we can make is to go back and say you don't have one. not getting money but after incidents like this, we are not going to be getting anything from you. we are not interested in any part of it. that sends an even more powerful message. >> it is really two messages. you don't have to be relying upon the nations that don't hav
. why isn't governor romney winning more convincinconvincin the virginia g.o.p. victory chairman joins us from d.c. all right, why isn't the governor leading much more convincingly when you've got a lousy job market. a slowing economy, $4 gas and now, what we're calling the near collapse of president obama's mideast policy. >> stuart, i love you, but that's a preposterous question. seriously, if you look back at history and look when incumbent presidents are beaten, it always is closing in the final couple of weeks and you hit a 3 point shot and you take the incumbent down. never, never, do you have an incumbent down at labor day. never at all. so, the fact that mitt romney has kept this thing neck and neck, and it's starting to pull ahead now, that's unbelievable. so, i mean, i really think questions like that bee lie that everyone, including the media, believe that president obama has had a failed presidency. stuart: okay, i'm with you on the media. i am a part of it. did you hear yesterday those reporters getting together before mitt romney answered questions, they were working out
and a big? stuart: i have to do the latest poll from the swing state. i start in virginia. and this is a fox news poll. and ohio, the lead is 7 points, in florida president obama's lead is five points. why is mitt romney struggling in the state especially in florida? joining us is florida senator george lemieux. i can't understand this. in florida, i am just talking florida governor romney seems to have the edge in the medicare debate. that is the way appears. >> he certainly should. stuart: has the edge with cuban-americans in the hispanic vote and has a swing towards governor romney with the jewish vote because of the events in the middle east so why isn't he in front? >> it is part of the larger national campaign and he needs to focus on the issues floridians and americans care about. stuart: when you blame his campaign and candidacy. >> always look at the candidate. there are internal stories about campaign strife. i put them aside. team needs to make the case. in a the case at the convention and by picking paul ryan that he was going to focus on the big issues to solve this nation's pro
another college campus in virginia today, quite fitting since the former professor, once again handing out grades to himself, not letter grades. ed henry has more in this report from charlotte. >> historically it after these financial crises, after historic debt and the collapse of the housing market, we are not listing seeing this in the united states, but around the world. reporter: that interview served up a softball to republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan. >> for years and her presidency and incomplete? the president is asking people to be patient with them. >> white house officials insist it is not due because the president has previously graded himself with and incomplete. that is true. they are not mentioning just one year into his presidency, he deserved a solid a+ and adding that passing health care made him deserve it least a a- >> i give him an a for effort. i give him an a for making sure that americans are better off today than they were four years ago. i do believe that we need four more years. reporter: a majority of the electorate seems to disagree and may be look
, north carolina, and virginia. it could be another one like iowa, it could be new hampshire. that gives him the 270 plus electoral votes to. lou: artur davis said it will be about the record and jobs. is he right? >> you can't make this president into a good president. you can have all the rhetoric that you want. he could give an extraordinary speech, as i would expect, he would draw a line at the end of the day, he is not performing. lou: lets see the brand-new ad, breaking up is a hard thing to do by the republican party. it is kind of fun. check this out. >> this is a working. it's been four years. you have changed. you're spending is out of control, you are constantly on the golf course. >> you haven't even showed up in six months. it's just not me. it's you. i think we should just be friends. tell us what you are breaking up with president obama at our website. lou: what is going on? a woman talking to a cardboard cutout of the president. >> it is clever. you need little things that people will pay attention to. we have another great one out today, the child coming home and telling
. >>connell: happened in ohio last week. 20 people fainted in virginia earlier this summer in a speech they made. >>imus: you know where they're fainting and passing out is the unemployment line. >> where they can't believe he's still in office. four more years? no! >>warner: unless they're paying them. professional fainter. >>imus: he may not be such a nice guy. he's an arrogant creep. the other guy is a suit dummy. that's what we're stuck with in this country: a suit dummy and arrogant jerk. by the way, romney keeps screaming about how offended he is. did he pay any taxes? >>connell: he hasn't released his -- he hasn't released his taxes. >>imus: is it one of these deals like rich people do where they don't pay any taxes, where they have all this offshore stuff, write-offs, whatever they do. like general electric, wind up paying no taxes. >>connell: legally take advantage of the loopholes you're talking about. >>imus: do we know that? >>connell: we don't know because he hasn't released -- >>imus: of course not. on one side you've got a lying suit dummy. on the other side you've got
. melissa: maybe we have a new career. we work on it next. up next, a virginia woman purchased a box for $7, which included a small oil painting that is an original renuart worth up to $100,000. the funny part is that she only liked the frame and didn't like the picture. and her mom said, you should really have that checked out before you throw away that picture. >> in the era of antiques roadshow, i think everybody should be figuring that. i love those stories. somebody buy something for a couple of bucks and it turns out it's a renuart. the ostman on this committee said $100,000. i actually think that renuart paintings have gone up to several hundreds of thousands of dollars. see. >> you should listen to your mother. melissa: a strange smell in southern california. it is the salton sea. officials think that the fish that died off last week have unleashed that sent of bal small. >> officially california, it
that this will happen, july 2013, new jersey september 2013. virginia ten eric 14. nevada and tennessee. south carolina, making its way across the country. are you surprised? >> of the states that are doing this to my american note. this is just for amazon. it does not necessarily affects other internet retailers. a lot of employees. they can probably, better than most, be able to figure out all the different sales taxes all of the united states. other internet retailers, nowadays anybody with a website can sell all over the world and be an internet retailer that sells everywhere. they may not be able to. we have been emphasizing that if congress were to act on this and give states the power to collect taxes needs to come with strong simplification of sales taxes to enable everybody to collected compete on an even playing field gerri: interesting stuff. thank you for coming out tonight and clarifying the situation. pretty darn complicated. thank you. >> any time. anytime. gerri: still to come, my "2 cents more" on the sugar beet -- sugary drink band. more and more debtors on the hunt. who is responsibl
was established in the 1913. one key person was gold democrat, carter glass, the great legislator from virginia. the design of the federal reserve system was to support the gold standard. and that is in fact what was the case from the very, very beginning. so the founding of the federal reserve system was qoins dent with the gold -- coincident with the gold standard and was only meant to create a slightly more lasting currency. david: since this recent financial crisis began back in 2008, the federal reserve has gone on a money printing spree here in the united states, printing anywhere from 2.4 trillion to $2.7 trillion in order to buy up bonds, including a lot of government debt directly. they say, hey look, so far we don't have inflation so there is no harm in it. to what you say? >> 2% inflation as opposed to a greater level of inflation, there is such a panic in europe that everybody was racing out of the europe into the dollar. holding dollars the fed created instead of spending them same in the united states. because of the economic situation in the united states, many people are using d
hands like the virginia applicant who claims lower back pain is the reason he needs disability. he got it. a physical therapist found he didn't exhibit the symptoms of the chronic lower back pain. he also took an hour long nap preventing his working an eight hour day. i'm not kidding. there's the case of the oklahoma applicant who claimed he had chronic knee pain, shoulder pain, coronary artery disease, and obesity. in the brief hearing, he was asked no medical questions, and the attorney on the case told the judge more than once he was unsure there was any medical evidence to qualify for a disability, but the applicant got it anyway. the report also found the disability program is growing like top sigh. since january 2009, it's had a 5.9 million americans for a total of 10 million receiving disability payments. the point of the numbers is not that anybody should get disability, but the point is the system is broken and going broke. it will be out of money by 2016. precious little time to make fixes. the left wants you to believe republicans bring this up because they are mean people.
of america covering 43,000 union employees from virginia to massachusetts. the two sides are at odds are pensions to my wages, and a health plan. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. liz: breaking news. adobe is rebounding after falling pretty precipitously on first blush of the news that mr. lobotomize that beat on revenue. listen. the ast had been at $30 change. here we have it. very close to the closing value. adobe coming back in the after market session. david: you have to stay with us for the entire hour. gold, let's talk about that. but most investors think of it, they usually think about etf. investing in physical gold can be very risky, particularly considering the fickle stores that we are seeing a lot more of liz: gold bars with tungsten ore different metals and the inside. one company makes it easier than ever for the average investor by physical gold and store it in secure fault tolerant the world. then the thing. the co-founder -- co-founder and president. and his business? what is the attraction of doing coulter way? >> i t
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